Engineering Projects

Cosmic Ray Detection

Using image processing and k-means clustering to identify cosmic rays in satellite images

Ground-Up Kalman Filter

Learning materials produced from in depth research into the multivariate Kalman filter

Person Following with Neural Nets

Person Following with Neural Nets

A neural network designed to train a Neato robot to follow a person.

Particle Filter

Implemented a particle filter on a robot for autonomous localization

Autonomous Neato

Implemented classic robot behavior (teleop, obstacle avoidance, etc.) on a Neato robot

"Pain Train" the Video Game

An interactive gaming project written in Python

Olin LIFT Lab

Work in Olin's intelligent vehicles lab with fixed-wing automous drones


Facial Recognition

A program that recognizes faces using eigenvectors

Art Projects

Generated Spiral

Computational Art and Non-Traditional Printing

Generated art, embroidery, and prints!

About Me

I am a student at Olin College of Engineering studying the software side of robotics. I've worked on a diverse array of projects, with a particular fondness for machine learning and user design. I love thinking about things in new ways and learning new skills, be them technical or crafty. Beyond engineering, I like to make lots of different kinds of art and go on adventures!

For a more complete list of my technical skills and experience, check out my resume.

Contact Info
Feel free to contact me!

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